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    Terrible Tattoos: The Best of the Worst

    When the ink is permanent, you probably should be sure of what it says and how it looks.  This was the main problem facing the the people who received tattoos featured in this blog. We’ll let the pictures do the talking. Here’s for hoping that the ‘victims’ managed to find a good tattoo removalist or...
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    The Winners Of The Greatest Photoshop Battles Ever

    Photoshop wizards are constantly battling each other, using their magic powers to determine who can create the funniest images. We’ve compiled a list of before-and-after pictures from the wildest PS battles on the internet, and it will make your day. From Donald Trump entering Edvard Munch’s The Scream to cats in a spa clinic, vote...
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    People Who Thought Earth Just Turned 2019

    So you’ve made it to the end of the second week of 2019. Congrats! Are you still dating everything with 2018… damn… 2019?! But if you thought that was bad, spare a thought for some of your fellow humans who, just as New Year’s Eve was coming to an end, started congratulating Earth on its...
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    Mad Husband Gives His Ex-Wife Half Of Everything – Literally

    We’ve all heard the stats – 3 out of every 4 marriages end in divorce – so why does it still happen? This thought probably crossed German man der.juli recently, when he told his cheating ex-wife Laura exactly what he thought of her – by literally cutting all of their belongings in half! The man is clearly...
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    A Man Leaves His Glasses on the Museum Floor, People Think It’s Art

    Sometimes you see an artwork and think to yourself “how is that art?” But what actually makes art… art? Is it the technique? The idea behind it? Or maybe just the location? Whatever your idea of art is, it probably isn’t this: the other day, a couple of pranksters known on Twitter as @TJCruda and @k_vinnn were getting a bit bored in the...
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    Huge Mural Paintings of Pigeons By Artist Reveal Their Unexpected Beauty

    A lot of people aren't the greatest fans of pigeons, considering them 'the rats of the sky'. Not so artist  Adele Renault, who creates realistic portraits of the animals to give you a different perspective. She has recently published a book entitled Feathers and Faces, which documents documents Adele's pigeon portraits with paintings of other equally overlooked...
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    Spectacular Moving Animation Love Story on iPhones and iPads

    Sometimes a video clip makes a song, and sometimes a song makes a video clip.  In this little beauty, called “Knock Knock” by “Brunettes Shoot Blondes“, its a dead heat. In a clip that would have taken who-knows-how-long to make, various mobile devices, tablets and phablets are used to create a moving, technological love story all...
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    Japanese Sculptor Turns Old Skateboards Into Beautiful Sculptures

    Japanese skateboarder and self-taught sculptor Haroshi has creatively combined his two passions by creating striking and stylish pop-culture images out of the wood of trashed skateboards. The unique appearance of his sculptures is all thanks to the composition of the skateboards he uses, which are created from multiple layers of processed wood. These layers are...
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    Floating Garden in Japan Where Flowers Move Skyward as you Approach

    Japanese art collective teamLab have created an incredible floating flower garden installation featuring over 2,300 living flowers in bloom. TeamLab adds: When a viewer gets close to this flower-filled space, the flowers close to the viewer rise upwards all at once, creating a hemispherical space with the viewer at its center. In other words, although the whole...
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    Unusual Café In Seoul Will Make You Feel Like You Just Walked Into A Cartoon

    It might look like an optical illusion. But this is a real life cafe in South Korea cleverly designed to give customers the distinct impression that they’re inside a cartoon. Cafe Yeonnam-dong in Seoul opened last year and everything inside from the decor to the furniture and crockery have a striped black-and-white cartoonish aesthetic. The...
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    Shelter Dog Photobooth Pics Helps More Pups Find Forever Homes

    Pet photographer Guinnevere Shuster’s mission in recent times has been to take adorably whimsical photos of dogs that are looking for a home. Are you in the market for a live-in best friend, and live in Utah? Then be sure to check out the Humane Society's webpage below, along with the this latest set of...
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    Hamsters as Shopkeepers Running Miniature Restaurants and Bars

    In his free time, Twitter user @Kawanabesatou creates tiny restaurants and bars for his pet hamsters. The level of detail in the shops is simply wonderful. There are miniature sushi boats, tiny kitchen appliances and a very impressive selection of drinks! Kawanabesatou posts all of the adorable photos on Twitter where you can find nearly 500 photos and...
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    Just Relaxing in Hammocks Hanging Hundreds of Metres Above the Ground!

    Afraid of heights? Well this probably isn’t for you. Adventurers and thrill seekers seeking that little bit extra adrenalin rush head over to the shadow of Monte Piana in the Italian Dolomites each year so they can slackline between mountain peaks and hang out in hammocks suspended hundreds of feet above the ground. Vienna-based photographer Sebastian Wahlhütter was there to photograph the Highline...
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    Photographer Changing Maternity Photography With Underwater Mermaid Moms

    Adam Opris is a wedding and lifestyle photographer by day and an underwater photographer by night. He is always trying to push the envelope and create art through people and their stories. According to Adam, he grew up in South Florida with a love for everything outdoors and practically lived in the ocean his whole life. With that...