Artist CJ Hendry destroys her painting after being sued for copyright infringement and turns it into an NFT

This artwork was made in 2019. After it was released, @cj_hendry received a cease and desist from the photographer citing “Copyright Infringement.” She was told to destroy the artwork. 

It’s extraordinary that a piece that took CJ hundreds of hours to create can be eliminated from existence in a matter of seconds.The 43 second video of this work being destroyed has been turned into an #NFT titled “Copyright Infringement”. This artwork is a one of one. 

With a piece of crypto art, everyone can see it, but only one person can own it. When you buy an NFT, you get a one of a kind digital artwork issued by the artist, that you hold in your Ethereum wallet.

The work will go to auction this Thursday 15 April at 7pm for 24 hours ending Friday 7pm (New York time). The auction is listed on

Watch the complete video/NFT here:




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