This ‘Dilation Chart’ Helps People Understand That Giving Birth Is Something Else

There’s something about the word ‘dilation’ that makes me irrationally uncomfortable; it suggests a widening, a swelling, an engorging of bodily fluids to facilitate the smooth passage of something into, or out of, the human body.

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    Facebook user Steffanie Christi’an saw the post by SCV Birth Center and shared it along with the caption “This is what 10cm of dilation looks like. This is why we deserve all the things.” Her post quickly went viral as women all over the world were confronted with the stark and impressive realities of childbirth.

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    What do you think? Does the chart help to put things into perspective? Does it scare you at all?  How was your experience of giving birth? Let us know in the comments!

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    A photo of the wooden chart was originally shared by SCV Birth Center, a pregnancy care clinic in Santa Clarita, California. The chart helps women to visualize what the midwives are telling them during labor because well, why not, right? It’s also a handy educational tool for midwives and doctors.

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    If you wanted to get your hands on one of these beautifully-made wooden charts for yourself, perhaps as a discussion piece for your wall or coffee table or simply a reminder of the power of your vagina, you can find them for sale on Etsy here.

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    The example that first comes to mind is, of course, the miracle of childbirth. During labor, the midwife keeps mom-to-be updated on the status of cervix dilation to give an idea of how far the process is coming along. From 1cm, the size of a cheerio all the way to 10cm, the size of a bagel, the change is incredible and is vividly illustrated with this handy ‘dilation chart.’

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