1950s Style Illustrations Highlight the Problems of Today



British illustrator John Holcroft has a knack for capturing modern society’s issues and behavior in a uniquely old-fashioned way.  John’s style is inspired by 1950s advertisements, which has recently seen a huge revival in popularity as a result of TV shows such as Mad Men.

We just love how he manages to cram so much meaning into a single image.  Let us know what you think about them in the comments section below…















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  1. I wanted to wait a while before I left another comment. I like what Shikhar said. “Its really an Eye opener about where we are heading”. You know where I think we’re headed?

    My last peek at this post link on FB, revealed that 20,782 (y)s had been attributed to the two images and blurb that are associated with day ten on what is the “Unofficial” page. Once I post this there will be 18 comments here in a place where one can assume that “Unofficial” might might themselves take a look, and 11 of those comments were either from or in response to a single post about a “radical as fuck” image of a doctor with a coin slot in its back. People are so intellectually lazy today (my favorite quote from my son who came to visit today).

    We are headed, no, wait; most have already arrived at the SOMA station from Brave New World(I’ve never read the whole book, just the Cliff notes in middle school.). People mindlessly click buttons. I gotta make me a good button! I don’t pretend that I understand why nearly 20,000 clicks radically (and I actually frigin mean it this time) elicits less than 20 comments here, but it exemplifies that it is necessary that thought provoking images are one of the few avenues left to wake people out of their comas. I follow Banksy’s work because I like to stand next to the talent;”The only mofos in my circle are people I can learn from.”-Questlove

    “Modern art = I could do that + Yeah, but you didn’t.” – Craig Damrauer

    I don’t know why I waste my time. Where are we headed? At least the .001, yeah, that’s 99%, or cool, of us showed up to make some fucking thing.

    Don’t just look. See. Then do.

  2. Too in your face and tacky. Someone clearly has never heard of being subtle or letting the observer think for themselves and figure it out on their own.

  3. Doctors are paid what they’re paid because they work an extreme amount of hours, and have an average debt of 250,000USD coming out of medical school. Then they get to look forward to 2-9 years of residency where they’re not paid all that well and work 60-80 hours per week. Even if they were only working 40 hours a week and their pay was unjustified, I don’t think you’d want someone who hates what they do and feels underpaid trying to save your life. Doctors work hard, and their work takes it’s toll physically and mentally. Show a little respect.

    1. Somewhat true. However, if we are basing pay on student loan debt, I should be paid a hell of a lot more that thirty-something thousand for teaching. I agree with Ryan, I think that it is more of a statement about the overall absurd cost of healthcare.

    2. There are a lot of good doctors out there, but there’s also no shortage of assholes and greedy pharma whores. As with any profession, there’s good and bad.

      Many doctors make you wait 3+ hours and then spend 5 minutes (or less) talking with you. They write a scrip without warning of the side effects and send you on your way. Some have attitudes that make Mel Gibson look like a choir boy. They talk to you like you’re a lowly idiot until you lose the will to even see a doctor again.

      In America, at least.

    3. What?!…..other people dont work hard?…I just sit around on my arse doing nothing all day, and get a great big fat pay check at the end of it!
      Yes, doctors work hard. But doctors are doctors because they want to be. The same as I choose my career…and you.

    4. I interpret this more about the reason of beeing a doctor. As you said, a doctor save life and help people. If you choose this profession for money or cause to the TV show, you may (probabily) have a deficiency of empathy, generosity and fortitude. The illustration show that doctor are now some robots who help people only when coin are inserted. How I see it, It’s not about amont; that’s more a danger inherent in the function AND a generality, of course.
      I don’t think money is the start point of the problem, but that problem exist anyway.

      1. That’s not true. In England if you get something done on the nap you are waiting months/years and when it is eventually done the result isn’t even that good. But if you went private you’d get it done straight away and done with a better outcome

    5. Art speaks to individuals. When images don’t speak to one directly they are not powerful. Consider that the piece that you’ve referred to speaks to you in as an individual. I had to look at the doctor image more than once to formulate any kind of an opinion about it and I didn’t interpret the image in the same way. It’s fantastic that it struck a chord with you. Wishing you Peace.

    6. Yeah, you really nailed it. It’s a known fact that doctors are the ONLY people on earth who accrue debt and work long hours for less then 6 figures.