I Use My Surreal Balloon Photography To Transport People To Another World

In 2015, I was approached to take part in a celebratory project for the 375th anniversary of Montreal. The commission was to develop a postcard that creatively depicted the future, which would be stored in a vault and sent in 25 years. I dreamt a scenario around a gathering of flying balloons; a concept which quickly became a theme that I developed in stunning locations and gorgeous vistas across Canada, the US, and Europe.

I recently exhibited this work in a Parisian gallery and collaborated with an English composer named Xander Simmons to create a soundscape that fit the series, adding a new dimension to the experience. I’m very excited to share this now with you. You can also listen to the music here!

This series develops the idea of an interaction between man and balloon. Halfway between dream and science fiction, this is an encounter of the third kind. The balloon stands as a metaphor for an unknown form of life descending upon humanity, sent perhaps to deliver a message. It is a representation of our most enigmatic dreams — a journey into the limbo of our subconscious, inviting us to disconnect and reflect on the journeys of our own design. 

More info: clementguegan.com | Instagram


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