Photographer Captures Images Of The Most Flamboyant And Dangerous Creatures

Matthijs Kuijpers is a Dutch adventurer and photographer. He spent the last 27 years traveling and taking pictures of the most dangerous, surprising and endangered cold blooded animals out there.

Matthijs collected his best shots in his first book: COLD INSTINCT. In order to make this a reality, he just launched a crowdfunding campaign.

This book is an unparalleled collection of some of the most peculiar species that has ever crawled or slithered on Earth; and some of which are carefully dwelling in the most hidden crevices of the Planet!

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  1. 1 Jackson’s Chameleon


    A true dragon of our time. Found in high altitude tropical forest. The horns are used in battle with other males and to impress the ladies.

  2. 2 Dyeing Poison Frog


    Dendrobates Tinctorius, also known as Dyeing Poison Frog.

  3. 3 Blue White-Lipped Island Pit Viper


    A spectacular nocturnal snake species with heat pits that enable the snake to “see” in the dark.

  4. 4 Satanic Leaf-Tailed Gecko

  5. 5 Siamese Peninsula Pitviper


    The pit next to the eye allow these snakes to have infrared vision.

  6. 6 Gran Canaria Blue Tailed Skink


    Chalcides Sexlineatus also known as Gran Canaria blue tailed skink.

  7. 7 Cornsnake


    This bizarre image showcase an unusual quirk of nature in the reptile world - a snake born with two heads. The condition of growing two heads, polycephaly, is rare in nature, but can occur through the same process that creates conjoined twins in humans. Both of the animal's heads seek food independently of the other.

  8. 8 Purple Harlequin Toad


    Discovered in 2013. They are found on Mt Nassau, Suriname, due to illegal gold mining they can be considered critically endangered and are in real danger of already being extinct.

  9. 9 Cordylus Cataphracus

  10. 10 Western Blue-Tongued Skink


    Named after their blue tongues. These are large, massive lizards that are omnivorous.

  11. 11 Masobe Gecko


    Only discovered in 2010. This is a rare species highly threatened by the conversion of low elevation rain forest into farmland and the extraction of timber.

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