Signature Swirly Tattoos Make Tattoo Artist The Hottest Thing In London

In a world where tattoos have moved from counter-culture to become part of the norm, as a tattoo artist, it might be hard to stand out. Not for the graphic, abstract work of London tattoo artist Mowgli, however, who's work is instantly recognizable. By using seemingly scientific symbols, with delicate linework and dotting, and mixing it with figurative sketches, he’s carved a unique path for himself in the tattoo world.

Mowgli works out of the Through My Third Eye studio in London, where his appointment book gets filled quickly. His mixture of sacred symbols, geometry, old engravings, and abstraction come together for tattoos that are at once complex, yet completely legible.

“Nothing should make sense,” the artist declares. “You should break the rules and break the norms and surpass expectation.” This philosophy is clearly evident in his work, which moves smoothly across different aesthetics. Rather than be pigeonholed into one stylistic genre, he has carved his own path, creating a style this is wholly his own.

Scroll down to see some of Mowgli's amazing tattoos and like and comment on your favorites!


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