The Stunning Cherry Blossoms and Nemophila Flowers Bloom in Japan

Hundreds of thousands of people visit Japan each year. And thousands of them visit for the Cherry Blossoms.  Not just for the Cherry Blossoms, but they are an absolute sight to behold.

Japanese photographer Puraten10 recently showcased this fact when he posted a series of landscape shots featuring cherry blossom (aka sakura) trees blooming next to Nemophila flowers, which have the nickname of “baby blue eyes.” Crouching at a low vantage point, Puraten10’s resulting pictures feature the field of small azure flowers right alongside the taller pale pink trees. This juxtaposition makes both blooms look even prettier—something we didn’t think was possible!

Puraten10 shot these breathtaking photos in the Fukuoka Prefecture which is on the northern shore of Japan’s Kyushu Island. Known more for its ancient temples and beaches, Puraten10 shows a different side of the locale. In a tweet sharing the images, he calls the combination of pink and blue flowers a “spring stripe” and conveys that they are best experienced on the ground. “Stripes of pink and blue,” he writes, “are refreshing and heal your heart.” Even though many of us can’t witness this sight in person, the photographer’s tweet has been shared over 70,000 times and has certainly spread the beauty of this site to eyes around the world.

Puraten10 regularly snaps photos of beautiful Japanese landscapes that include cherry blossoms, Nemophila flowers, and beyond. Follow him on Instagram to see what he captures next.


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