This artist paints miniature art on feathers

UK artist paints wildlife and pets on found and donated feathers.

Imogen Clark, UK artist Dusty Souls Art painstakingly paints small wildlife and pet portraits onto feathers found by herself or donated by her followers. Based in the North East of England she is one of only a handful of UK artists to practice this art. Her work is recognised internationally and collected worldwide.

When asked why she paints on feathers, she said, " I like the challenge, each feather behaves differently and allows me to get really involved in what I'm painting."

Imogen's feather work is available on commission through her webpage.



Barn owl on raven feather


Long eared owl on buzzard feather.


Kingfisher on goose feather


Wren on pheasant feather.


Magpies on magpie feathers


Running hare on buzzard feather


Mother and child on peacock feather


Painting peacocks on peacock feathers

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