Photo Series Documents The Times Nature Made Us Say “NOPE” (WARNING: This List Is Not For Sensitive People)

Most of the time, we feature nature’s finest. Why? Because it’s beautiful.

But what about the dark side? It exists too, doesn’t it? To prove our point, we’ve compiled a list of photos that should send shivers down your spine. Or at least make you say a loud “NOPE.”

From half-dead spiders covered in fungus to mutated frogs with eyes growing in their mouth, consider viewing these images as a contest: if you can scroll to the very end, you win. The prize? Nightmares.

  1. 1 What Do You Do When You See A Flying Fox In Your Backyard? (The Philippines)


    No that isn't the camera angle, that is actually one big bat. The flying fox also called the fox bat are among the largest bats in the world with a wingspan of 5 feet (1.5 metres) and a head and body length of about 16 inches (40 centimeters). They are found on tropical islands and the mainland of Asia. As scary as they look, these gentle giants only eat fruit.

  2. 2 Toads Riding On A Python


    68mm just fell in the last hour at Kununurra. Flushed all the cane toads out of my brothers dam. Some of them took the easy way out - hitching a ride on the back of a 3.5m python.

  3. 3 There Was A Friggin Gecko Hiding In My Son's Toy Spider


    Geckos are reptiles found in all parts of the world except for Antartica. To avoid predators they have developed special features such as camouflage to help them hide in any environment (even a toy spider). Most geckos are nocturnal creatures which means they are active at night, but there are day geckos which are willing to venture out during the daylight hours in search of food.

  4. 4 Someone Bugged His Phone


    Things like this can happen when people fumigate. Insects try to escape chemicals by crawling into tight little places. Then they usually die.

  5. 5 Grow Bigger Or Die


    It's hard to say how large these terrifying-looking locusts actually are. Are they true giants, or is the snake just a lil nipper? Either way, they appear set for a lovely sit down meal.

  6. 6 The Assassin Bug - The Ferocious Bug That Sucks Prey Dry And Wears Their Corpses


    This terrifying and aptly named insects inject a lethal saliva into their prey which liquefies the insides, which are then sucked out.

    The corpses of the emptied out creatures are then worn as camouflage by the cunning assassin. The camouflage is to protect the bug from being preyed on by jumping spiders, but if anything you'd think it would make them look even more tempting! 

  7. 7 Believe It Or Not, This Is One Of The Least Dangerous Spiders We Have In Australia


    This is the huntsman spider, a common friend to be found in houses and garden across Australia. He's harmless really, don't let his large size intimidate you. Huntsmen won't bite humans unless provoked, are not venomous and are actually handy to have around the place, he'll use his speed and agility to keep your cockroach population under control.

    Think of the huntsman as a handy pet. Respect his space, let him do his job and he'll look after you well.

  8. 8 I Want To Ride My Bicycle


    Did you know that bees swarm when when the queen bee leaves the colony with a large group of worker bees? It's how a new honey bee colony is formed. In the prime swarm, about 60% of the worker bees leave the original hive location with the old queen. This swarm can contain thousands to tens of thousands of bees. Usually, swarming takes place in spring, within a two- or three-week period, but occasional swarms can happen throughout the producing season as well.

  9. 9 My Town In Central Texas Has A Bird Problem


    Every autumn, flocks of birds migrate to warmer territories. Most birds migrate at night (when the air is cooler and calmer, and there are fewer predators), flying in tandem even when they are 655 feet (200 meters) or more apart. Some of them, however, can be spotted during the daytime as well.

  10. 10 Lizard Shed His Entire Face In One Go


    If you want to peel of the skin from your pet lizard's head, you should try to take it off in one piece, and you want to make sure that it's 'released' around the ears. Also, be extra careful around the eyes.

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